Researching ICTs in Context

      InterMedia, University of Oslo, 8 April 2002  

This conference highlights research funded by the SKIKT programme in Norway. Our guest speaker, Sally Wyatt, will establish the focus of the conference. Prior to the conference, papers will be published in book form as well as on the web, you can view a PDF version here. Multimedia supported presentations will be given by the contributors. Each session will be chaired by a respected researcher who will highlight issues and lead discussion. Following this, comments will be given by two invited researchers. The conference closes with a presentation of online research resources and sites and a panel of four senior scholars, followed by open discussion. The conference will be filmed and selected material will be added to the conference site. The conference will be held in English.The SKIKT thematic conference will be held (in Norwegian) on April 9th 2002. For information on both these conferences, contact:

09h30   Registration & refreshments  
    SESSION 1  
10h00   Chair & welcome: Andrew Morrison  
10h05   Sally Wyatt - Issues in researching ICTs in context ( view presentation)  
10h30   Discussion  
    SESSION 2  
    Chair: Knut Lundby  
10h45   Helge Godø - Doing innovative ICT-research: methodological challenges in leveraging the best of three worlds ( view chapter) ( view presentation)  
11h00   Janne Bromseth - Public places, public activities? ( view chapter) ( view presentation)  
11h15   Comment: Sally Wyatt. Discussion  
11h30   Refreshments  
    SESSION 3  
    Chair: Tore Slaatta  
11h45   Trond Arne Undheim - Locating the Internet: studying ICT is passé in the culture of real virtuality ( view chapter) ( view presentation)  
12h00   Jarle Brosveet - Beyond the egnimatic utopia: establishing facts and failures in ICT projects ( view chapter) ( view presentation)  
12h15   Comment: Lars Qvortrup. Discussion  
    SESSION 4  
    Chair: Knut H. Sørensen  
12h30   Per Hetland -— Experiments along the bazaar-route: the importance of user-producer dialogue in shaping new media technology ( view chapter) ( view presentation)  
12h45 Beate Elvebakk - ICTs in contexts: reporting research from researching researchers' reports ( view chapter) ( view presentation)  
13h00   Comment: Sally Wyatt. Discussion  
13h15   Lunch  
    SESSION 5  
    Chair: Ingunn Hagen  
14h00   Hilde Corneliussen - How can we understand the gendered users of ICT? ( view chapter) ( view presentation)  
14h15   Helen Jøsok Gansmo - Seduced by numbers? ( view chapter) ( view presentation)  
14h30   Comment: Lars Qvortrup. Discussion  
14h45   Refreshments  
    SESSION 6  
    Chair: Anita Hammer  
15h00   Synne Skjulstad, Andrew Morrison & Albertine Aaberge -Researching performance, performing research: dance, multimedia and learning ( view chapter) (** view presentation**)  
15h15   Torill Mortensen & Jill Walker - Blogging thoughts: personal publication as an online research tool ( view chapter) ( view presentation)  
15h30   Comment: Sally Wyatt. Discussion  
15h45   Refreshments  
    SESSION 7  
    Chair: Andrew Morrison  
16h00   Presentation: Synne Skjulstad & Anders Fagerjord -Electronically mediated research  
16h15   Panel: Per Hetland, Sally Wyatt, Knut H. Sørensen, Lars Qvortrup - Theoretical and practical issues in researching ICTs in context  
17h00   Discussion  
19h00   SKIKT researchers' dinner